Start a Yard Sharing Program in Your Community

Our Local Partners are the champions of the Sharing Backyards project. Supported by our technology, our staff & volunteers, they oversee a yard sharing program in their chosen area. Some of our programs are neighborhood sized, others as large as 80 municipalities. Choose the size that fits you, and lets' get GROWING!

Please note - there have been changes to this section; current to September 2013:

If your organization already has a website:

You can either use a link to our map of your area, or you can have the map embedded into your site.

If your organization needs a website:

You can have one built by our supporting organization: Authentic Lab. They offer reasonable rates for non profit organizations, and have been long time supporters of our programs.

How to sign up:

  1. Please read this page thoroughly. If you have questions, please review the other pages on our site, including the Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, please contact us.
  2. Send us an email agreeing to be our Local Partner in your area. Copy all of the terms listed here, and type "I agree" under each of the terms listed above, in a different colored text than this document appears in
  3. Affirm your dedication to promoting the project in your decided area, giving approx 5-10 volunteer hrs per week, as needed.
  4. Specify the scope of your area (city, metro area, county, state, etc).
  5. Send your Organizations name as you'd like it to appear, along with your web address. if you aren't a part of an organization, you can simply become "Sharing Backyards ____________(your community).
    ***Note that Sharing Backyards is a trademark of the Lifecycles Project society, but can be borrowed with permission.***
  6. Send us a request for a pamphlet template, and have your own logo ready to use. **Please note- you'll need your own logo and images that you design, rather than taking them from the internet.
  7. If you decide to leave the project, we'll need the following:
      -at least 3 month's notice.
      -your reasons for leaving (so we can learn and grow).
      -a full report of your allies, volunteers, and contacts made within the community, so we can pass this along to the next Local Partner to sign up for your city.
      -a non-competition agreement (you will not start, work with, or provide information to a competing organization)
  8. Please read and understand the Sharing Backyards "Terms of Use"(TOU), posted to the bottom of every page within our system. Please check back on these once a month, to keep abreast of changes. The TOU exists to provide some structure to our programs, and protect SBY, our Local Partners, and all site users.
  9. Please read and understand the responsibilities designated to Local Partners of our program.
  10. As a Local Partner, your responsibilities are:

    1. To run a yard sharing program in partnership with Sharing Backyards within the agreed scope of your area, at no charge whatsoever to the users of our mapping technology. This means access to the map must be free, and not require any sort of membership or other fees to use or access the map.

    2. Promotion of your local program through whatever means possible in your area -- Working to create community awareness about the existence of your yard-sharing program. More information and mentorship is available within our forums.

    3. Answering all correspondence in a respectful & timely manner.

    4. Contact with Sharing Backyards' central organization: This may include phone, Skype, or email contact. We would like to hear from you at least once a month to know how your program is going. Please list your phone, cell, skype, and primary email contacts here.

    5. Working with local media sources (newspapers, magazines, newsletters, blogs, etc) to keep a "buzz" going on your local program. This would mean, on average, submitting an article or intent You will have the support of Sharing Backyards' Project Leader in all news articles / stories. Generally, we'll speak to the media about the overall project, while we'll refer media to you for segments on your local efforts and program.

    6. If a Local Partner is not adequately managing their community SBY program, our staff will first offer support, then issue a warning, and if met with no response or action, Sharing Backyards reserves the right to terminate or take control of any local program within our system.
    7. Project Funding

      All of our programs are volunteer run, and our central core is run by a few dedicated volunteers. Generally we charge a minimal fee to each local partner, however, until we resolve a few technical issues, we will not be charging any of our partners for the program. Please understand however that once we are able to fund the rebuild of our website and our internal technologies, we will be changing our funding structure to support our long term vision - which may include a small monthly fee to Local Partners. We will give at least 3 months notice to any change in program costs.
      In the meantime WE STILL NEED FUNDING, and we would deeply appreciate your help. We need to raise approximately $40,000 to meet our target.

      You can help us with funding in the following ways

      • Consider making a donation, or ongoing donations to Sharing Backyards. Please contact the project leader to set up a donation
      • Encourage your local program supporters to donate to our cause
      • Volunteer to help with our upcoming Crowdfunding campaign
      • Find a sponsor for the program in your local area. We would split the funding from a local sponsor with you 50/50
      • Volunteer as a Fundraiser for the Sharing Backyards Organizing Core. In this role you'll be given tasks and assignments to further secure the funding we need to rebuild our internal software, allowing us to improve our programs for everyone
      • Consider hosting a fundraising event or dinner in your local area to contribute to Sharing Backyards as an organization
      • Pitch us your ideas on how you could raise funds - we value your creativity and experience

    As our Local Partner, you'd have the benefit of:

    1. An interactive map within our system for your local area, which you can embed into your website using an iframe. Generally, we also have a splashpage for you within our website, but until we get the funds to rebuild our site, a bug is preventing us from adding new splashpages; hence all new programs will require embedded maps. For a good example of this option, please visit Portland Yard Sharing. If you do use an embedded map, you will be required to note that your program is in partnership with Sharing Backyards, and to have a link to our Terms of Use clearly posted. You will need to embed the map yourself, using an iframe. We will supply you with the link to the map. If you require help setting up the iframe for your website, support is available through our web partners at an extra cost (see above).
    2. Access to the private "partners" forum, to share insights & strategies, and network with other program partners and administrators within our network.
    3. A beautiful pamphlet template, promoting Sharing Backyards. Upon becoming a local partner, you can request a template you can adapt for your area. Our current templates are only available as MS Publisher files, or you can design your own, based on our PDF version.
    4. The opportunity to be a part of a growing alliance of individuals, groups, and communities making positive change for Local Food
    5. ***Some site features may be unavailable at times as we develop the site and its capabilities. Staff support is subject to timing and funding (but we'll do our best).

      Contact us soon to become a partner to this steadily growing, international movement for urban agriculture.
      Email: info(at)

      Please pass our site on to anyone who might be interested -- Lets get our cities growing!
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